About Taxi Advertising

The Medium

On average, taxis spend 90% of their journey time within city centres, dominating retail and business areas. Taxis are perfect for targeting an assorted range of audience, from 16-34 adults and housewives with kids to ABC1 business people and the hard to target youth audience. Taxi Advertising is now present in over 100 cities and towns within the UK.


Taxi Advertising is a highly effective medium that targets mass audiences. Its focus can be city based or nationwide; it also works as a stand-alone medium or, as part of a large media campaign.

Taxi Advertising’s USP is that it can dominate any location 24 hours-a-day, liveried taxis have direct access to areas where other advertising is not possible, restricted or simply too expensive, e.g. outside Airport terminals or at highly populated City Centre locale.

Brand Awareness

This medium can be used to build-up corporate brand awareness and recognition. With taxis having a 24-hour presence in the city you can rest assured that your campaign will get noticed by millions of people. Clyde Taxi Advertising’s taxis are ‘double shifted’ – i.e. they work around the clock, 52 weeks a year – and this ensures widespread market penetration. Taxi advertising brings your message within close proximity to the buying decision i.e. shops, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, offices, city/town centres, etc.

Bespoke Campaigns

We offer a large number of solutions to suit different campaigns and their durations so if you require a taxi wrapped for a one day publicity stunt or a tip-up seat advert for a year just give our sales team a call and we will be only too happy to help.

PR Opportunities

Why not utilise your taxis to the full extent? For many smart marketers, a taxi advertising campaign can be used to stimulate invaluable media coverage, featuring in press releases, launch events and special tactical promotions.

Your branded taxis can be used in a number of different ways including picking up clients and company directors from airports, train station etc. (it’s great to see your MD act like a child again when they see their very own branded taxi waiting to pick them up) You can also use your vehicles for product launches, opening of stores and photo shoots, the list is endless.

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